Aluminum diamond sheet


The aluminum diamond sheets, also known as aluminium 1 bar tread plate or aluminium diamond checker plate, features raised patterns on the surface. It is often used as Aluminum anti-slip plate or aluminium floor plate. It offers excellent properties such as aesthetics, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. Below is haomei's range of aluminum patterned sheets.

What is diamond plate?

Diamond plate, also referred to as deck plate or floor plate, is a product that has a raised pattern or texture on one side with the reverse side being smooth. The diamond pattern itself can vary, as can the height of the raised area. Diamond plate is most commonly used on metal stairs to provide increased traction.

The raised bumps on the surface of the plate increase the friction between a person’s shoe and the surface of the plate reducing the chance of someone slipping on the walking surface. For this reason, diamond plate is a type of non-slip walking surface.

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Aluminum diamond plate is corrosion resistant. Because of its ability to withstand the elements, aluminum deck plate is often found in outdoor settings such parking lots, loading docks and stairs. It is also used on boats, docks or other marine applications. Because diamond aluminum plate is easy to wash and keep clean, it can be found in kitchens, restrooms and walk-in refrigerators or freezers. Aluminum floor plate can also be used for a decorative purpose and is available in a variety of patterns and finishes.

Common alloys for aluminum diamond plate

3003 bright aluminum diamond plate

3003 bright aluminum diamond plate

  • Temper: H14, H22
  • Features: Smooth and aesthetically pleasing surface, excellent corrosion resistance
  • Applications: Wall decoration, pressure vessels, refrigerated trucks, cold storage floors, etc.

5052 aluminum diamond plate

  • Temper:O,H22,H32,H114
  • Features: Excellent corrosion resistance, hardness, rust resistance
  • Applications: widely used in ship deck,autos,workshop floors,building floors and steps,antiskid floor of bus,elevator,treadboard,stair tread,vehicle step,diamond plate tool boxes,footplates of firetranks,desk,garages ,furniture,Machine,wagon traillers,light rails,stairways and so on.
5052 aluminum diamond plate
6061 mill finish aluminum diamond plate

6061 mill finish aluminum diamond plate

  • Temper: T6
  • Features: Higher strength, corrosion resistance, good processing and welding performance
  • Applications: Non-slip protection on ship decks, maritime engineering, energy and chemical industries