patterned aluminum plate material FAQ

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  1. How to choose high-quality patterned aluminum plate?
  2. How many kinds of patterned aluminum plates?
  3. How is aluminum tread plate produced?
  4. What is the material of tread plate aluminum?
  5. How heavy is Aluminium checker plate?
  6. How to Calculate the Weight of aluminum pattern plate

How to choose high-quality patterned aluminum plate?

First,look at the thickness. The thickness, strength, and oxide film thickness of the high-quality checkered plate should conform to the national standards: aluminum plate thickness ≥1.2mm, tensile strength ≥157N/mm2, yield strength ≥108N/mm2, oxide film Thickness ≥ 10 microns. If it fails to meet the specifications, it is a defective board.

Second, look at processing. The patterned plates produced by regular large factories are made of exquisite materials, the surface is bright and bright, the patterns are clear and regular, the aluminum plates are flat, and the appearance is free from oil stains, scratches, breaks and other defects; while the patterned aluminum plates produced by small factories use scrap aluminum as materials, The appearance is dull and dull, the markings are not clear and irregular, the board surface is not flat, the performance is unqualified, and the quality is poor.

Third, look at the price. Patterned aluminum plates are divided into two types: pure aluminum and alloys, and their prices are naturally different. The processing cost of patterned aluminum plates produced by regular manufacturers is several thousand yuan per ton, and the price of alloys is higher than that of pure aluminum. When an enterprise is acquiring, it should not be compared with the price alone. If you buy substandard products, it will be too late to regret it.

Fourth ,look at the service. From the production line of the manufacturer to the workshop of the enterprise, the center has to go through many links of packaging, loading, transportation, storage, and unpacking. The striped aluminum plate will inevitably show defects such as oxidation and scratches. The large-scale and efficient suppliers will provide users with good service. Provide return and exchange services to solve worries for users.

How many kinds of patterned aluminum plates?

Pattern type: large five-rib, small five-rib, three-rib, pointer type, diamond, orange peel pattern. Due to its good slip resistance and aesthetics, the checker plate has a wide range of uses in industrial plants, production workshops, and transportation facilities. The tread plate can increase the friction force, reduce the constant caused by the slippery road surface, and protect the personal safety.

How is aluminum tread plate produced?

In fact, aluminum tread plate is processed by embossing equipment. For example, our common five-rib decorative aluminum plate is processed by embossing equipment.
The production process of patterned aluminum plate can be divided into two ways. One is the old-fashioned production equipment with various equipment processing, the aluminum plate is first opened, and then put one by one into the embossing equipment for pressing. The pattern trend of each piece of patterned aluminum plate is different, and the production capacity is low.Another production process is continuous production, which is directly pressed by coiler + embossing equipment on the coil, so that the pattern trend of the same batch of pattern aluminum plate is completely consistent, with high yield.
After rolling, there will be a variety of patterns on the surface of the aluminum plate. Of course, this has not been completed, and subsequent processing, such as cutting, annealing, rectification of flatness, etc., is needed. This is how the decorative aluminum plate is produced.

What is the material of tread plate aluminum?

The aluminium tread plate for anti-slip is divided into pure aluminum tread plate and alloy aluminum tread plate. Pure aluminum tread plate is mainly: 105010601100. The alloy tread plate mainly has: 3003 3105 5052 5083 5754 6061 2024 8011 5086 and so on. Among them, the most commonly used is aluminum 1100 1050 1060 3003 5052 5083 6061.

How heavy is Aluminium checker plate?

Calculate the total weight of the 4 x 8 aluminum tread plate. The total weight(unit: ton) = length (m) × thickness (m) × width (m) × aluminum density (2.71) × number of aluminum plates.

How to Calculate the Weight of aluminum pattern plate?

The following aluminum weight calculators are limited to rectangular plates and thin plates with flat surfaces (does not include square/diamond plates). Aluminum grades are 6061, 7075, 5052, 2024, etc.; thicknesses include commonly used 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 10mm, etc.
aluminum pattern plate weight calculator = L * W * H * Density